Our Story – Buying branded items SUCKS…Wait. Buying branded items USED TO SUCK!

Our values are simple. Our mission is clear. Crystal Clear. We make buying branded items easy. Like, super easy Super-duper easy.

Buy at the best prices. Items that aren’t crap. Products that will be re-used. And have account managers who care. Not customer service reps who can’t wait till 5PM. Account managers that work directly with in-house designers to produce custom made products. Account managers who work with the sourcing staff to save you on average over 20% on your annual premium purchases. Sounds simple, right? It isn’t. In fact, we couldn’t find one branded item supplier out there who truly sticks to these core values.

So the question is, what makes us different? Ha! Glad you asked. It’s our simple 3 step process to buying any branded item on the market at the lowest price. That’s it. No magic tricks. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be able to order, follow, and re-order your goods at the click of a button. Oh, you have several departments across the country that also purchase items? We know you do. That’s why you can add users to your account and approve their orders. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? We have no idea.

But wait! We’re a huge company with national and international needs with tons of store GWP programs and other crazy needs! Easy peasy. You’ll be assigned an Account Manager. And a design director. And a sourcing specialist. At no charge. Like, free. We should charge for this. Try us out. Most Fortune 500’s already have. Check ‘em out below.